How does Share Car work?

Become a Share Car member

  • Download the Share Car app on your phone
  • Register by filling in personal information
  • Input photos of documents like Driver's License and ID for verification
  • Prepare your credit card for payment method
  • Wait for account verification 1x24 hours

How to rent Share Car

  • Check nearest parking locations
  • Pick the car you want to use
  • Use available promo codes
  • Click Book and Pick-up the car in the designated location
  • Don't forget to complete the checklist before driving

Driving with Share Car

  • Lock and Unlock the car using the lock/unlock feature in the app
  • Use Starter Button or Carkey available to turn on the car
  • Check fuel level indicator
  • When returning the car, fuel level should be the same as when the car was first picked up
  • When ending your trip, click ”End Trip” button on the Share Car app